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We all eventually exit our businesses, it’s how you exit that makes all the difference.

Our Director of Exit Planning, Jane Johnson, delivers the exit planning expertise and strategic guidance you need as a transitioning business owners. By following a dynamic curriculum and using Jane’s book Cashing Out of Your Business – Your Last Great Deal  you will learn everything you need to know to plan and execute your deal of a lifetime.

Determine Which Strategy is Best For You

Wealth management is complicated. Leave it to the professionals.

Third-Party Sale

External exits are typically transacted at “market value” or what the market dictates when you have a willing buyer and a willing seller but this can vary by type of buyer. Learn more about the risks and rewards with this type of exit.

Business Deal

Internal Exit Strategy

Internal transfers generally occur at a lower gross price than an external sale, but may produce a greater net sale price due to tax and fee minimization. Learn the top things you need to know about an internal transfer.
Business Deal

Family Exit Strategy

Do you want to provide a path to multi-generational wealth building? Learn the pros and cons of transitioning the business to a family member

Frequently Asked

How long will it take to sell my business?

This will be determined by identifying your goals, who you plan to sell your business to, and by analyzing various facets of the business.

How do I maximize the sale value of my company?

Incentivize top performers,  foster the culture you have built, keep your business growing and identify value drivers.

When do I need to start planning?

Most owners will create an exit plan five to ten years before the sale. Everyone has different goals and expectations. The rule of thumb is the more time you have to prepare, the greater the results are.

How do I determine my exit strategy?

There are different types of exit strategies, tools and tactics that vary based on who you plan to sell the business to. Passing your business to your family requires a different strategy than selling to an outside buyer.  Determining who you will sell your business to will identify which type of exit plan you should use.

How can I be sure my business is adequately prepared for exit?

Plan in advance and work with a team of experts to assist you with every aspect of the transition. 

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