What Will You Owe in Taxes?

There’s been lots of talk about the Biden administration’s proposed tax hikes. Learn how your business sale could be impacted. 

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Identify your transition goals

We will help you develop clearly defined goals to be certain that your financial security and your legacy are assured when you leave your business.

Shape your plans for a successful future

Though there are many facets to a successful plan, there are three overarching objectives that you should establish. 

Set an exit date

Our team can guide you through all of the steps to project plan for your exit. It’s important to set a date to plan every aspect strategically in a thoughtful way.

Frequently Asked

How long will it take to sell my business?

This will be determined by identifying your goals, who you plan to sell your business to, and by analyzing various facets of the business.

How do I maximize the sale value of my company?

Incentivize top performers,  foster the culture you have built, keep your business growing and identify value drivers.

When do I need to start planning?

Most owners will create an exit plan five to ten years before the sale. Everyone has different goals and expectations. The rule of thumb is the more time you have to prepare, the greater the results are.

How do I determine my exit strategy?

There are different types of exit strategies, tools and tactics that vary based on who you plan to sell the business to. Passing your business to your family requires a different strategy than selling to an outside buyer.  Determining who you will sell your business to will identify which type of exit plan you should use.

How can I be sure my business is adequately prepared for exit?

Plan in advance and work with a team of experts to assist you with every aspect of the transition. 

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