Webinar: Protect Your Business, Family and Wealth with a Contingency Plan



 January 27, 2022 12pm – 1:15PM EST

Join speakers Greg Farland, CFP® AIF® CExP™ CEO of Alliance Private Wealth, and Jane Johnson, CPA, CM&AA, CBEC™ and President of Business Transition Academy, Inc. for our webinar: Protect Your Business, Family and Wealth with a Contingency Plan.

We will discuss the specific steps you should take and the critical documents you need to have in place to avoid disaster and protect your business, your family and your wealth.

 You will learn how to craft a written plan that:

  • Will provide a roadmap for your family
  • Outlines who you want to own and operate your business
  • Prevents your business value from plummeting
  • Retains your key employees, and
  • Ensures your business continues

We will also discuss financial, tax and estate planning considerations.

    You Need a Team of Advocates to Help

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    Be prepared for the unexpected

    Most people don’t plan for unexpected emergencies or situations. Building an emergency fund can protect you and your loved ones. 

    Shape your plans for a successful future

    Though there are many facets to a successful plan, there are three overarching objectives that you should establish. 

    Prioritize your financial health

    Our team can guide you through all of the steps to manage your finances and reach your goals.

    Frequently Asked

    When can I retire?

    This depends on the retirement lifestyle you would like to have, the assets you have accumulated to date and the income you will receive in retirement. Our planning department will evaluate these items and many others so you will know  when you will be able to retire.

    How should I invest my money?

    Our team will carefully evaluate your risk tolerance, timeframe and required return to create a portfolio that will help you accomplish your financial objective.

    What documents do I need in my estate plan?

    Our estate planning team will work with you to put a plan in place to minimize estate taxes, avoid probate and prepare for potential longterm care expenses. 

    Am I at risk of losing what I have?

    Protecting what you have accumluated to date is very important. Our team will evaluate where you have liability risk and make reccomondations on how you can best protect yourself. 

    Am I paying too much in taxes?

    Tax mitigation is a critical objective for our clients. Working with CPAs, we produce strategies to ensure you are paying as little as possible now and in the future.

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