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When you started your business, it was obvious that you needed a plan to make it thrive, but have you thought about your exit strategy for when the time comes to sell? The reality is that every action you take during the life of your business has an impact on your departure down the road.

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    Buyers compare the relative strength of your company’s value drivers to those of your competitors. They commonly look at all of the characteristics to ensure your business is a well-managed operation. Businesses that plan ahead to build their value drivers early may carry less risk. Being deficient in just one or two value drivers can impact business value or deter potential buyers. This realization may come as a shock to many business owners. Even if the business is profitable, they may have overlooked an important area that ultimately affects the value.

    Meet the Directors of Your Deal Team

    Greg Farland, CFP® AIF® CExP™

    Greg Farland, CFP® AIF® CExP™

    CEO of Alliance Private Wealth LLC

    Jane Johnson, CPA, CM&AA, CBEC™

    Jane Johnson, CPA, CM&AA, CBEC™

    President of Business Transition Academy, Inc. and Director of Exit Planning at Alliance Private Wealth LLC

    Installing value drivers in your company might be one of the best things you can do to increase the scalability of your company but doing so takes time. Let us help you prepare, get organized, and move this process along.

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